Winter Protection

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  • In autumn you are best to leave the border plants in peace. Especially when they are covered in a thin layer of frost they still look lovely in the winter months.

  • Do you check plants that are in storage every now and then? They can be given a little water once in a while but water sparingly. You are better off not giving them any plant food just yet. It is also best to air the area they are being kept every now and then but make sure you do this on frost-free days!

  • Autumn may have only just begun, but the cold months of winter will soon be upon us. Here are some tips on how to prepare your garden for winter.

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    Winter is here again and many birds have headed south. The birds that stay here for winter often do so around towns and in our gardens. They have learned that in hard times they are more likely to find food there, than in the woods or fields

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